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You can contact the members of Revontuli Idols individually on the social medias listed in their profiles, but there are multiple ways to contact the whole group! Though, the quickest and maybe surest way to get in touch, is through Twitter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we will be listing some questions we've got multiple times, with the answers! So if you have any questions, please check here if we have already answered it!

Q: "What do the sub-unit names mean? What language are they in?"
A: Each sub-unit name is explained and translated in that sub-unit's debut cover's description, as well as on the website! But to re-cap:
Giđđa = "spring" in Sami language
Kielot = "Lilies of the Valley" in Finnish
Pohjantähti = "North Star"/"Polaris" in Finnish
CYRvia! = from the feminine name Sylvia
Alppiruusu = "Lapland rosebay" in Finnish, a type of azalea/rhododendron species
Brunbergin Suukot = "Brunberg's Kisses" in Finnish, a type of chocolate sold in Finland, called "Suukot" (eng. "Kisses"), made by a company named Brunberg
Jääkristalli = "ice crystal" in Finnish
Virvatulet = "will-o'-the-wisps" in Finnish



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